"Inside Look"

Over the last several years Atto has dedicated himself to acquiring a deeper understanding of human performance enhancement. His involvement in an array of Sports Science research projects has granted him the opportunity to meticulously study the ins and outs of taking individuals with a range of health backgrounds to their prime fitness potential.

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Not only has Atto mastered the technical know-how, his deep understanding of the psychological aspect of an individual’s health journey is another critical factor that resulted in the successful transformation of hundreds of clients to-date. His ambition to cater to the community on a greater scale led to his establishment of various exciting, structured, recreational fitness hubs.

"The Businessman"

Atto’s mission is to be a key contributor to the growth of the local fitness sector; subsequently sharing his expertise though consultancy services to individuals and corporations alike. Whether it is providing turnkey solutions for upcoming sports facilities, introducing innovative gym equipment to the local market, enhancing individuals’ health (through training, nutrition, or in-depth bloodwork methodologies), offering advisory on the best suited investment opportunities in the Sports sector, or linking clients to his network of trusted investors, Atto’s passion continuously reflects in the exceptional results he delivers

The Athlete

Atto’s vast achievements throughout his career as a professional Decathlete from 2006-2016, has placed him amongst Qatar’s iconic Athletes.


Atto has been featured extensively throughout his Sports & Business career among prominent local media outlets. Take a look at some of the key highlights: