"Abdulrahman Fitness Consultant"

Abdulrahman Hamdy, more popularly known as Atto Hamdy, has become a top name within the fitness industry. His professional athletics background and extensive involvement with mentoring, coaching, and business ventures over the last decade, has made him into the most sought-after sports consultant in Qatar.

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He gained profound success as a Sports Coach in Qatar, quickly turning him into a household name as the guru Transformation Coach in Qatar after taking hundreds of clients to their peak physique and fitness potentials.

Through his ongoing research projects as a Sports Scientist Atto Hamdy continues to work alongside prominent experts and organizations in developing the latest methodologies pertaining to human performance enhancement.

Abdulrahman Hamdi meticulously analyzes countless individuals coming from a multitude of versatile health backgrounds, ensuring each of his clients not only receives a customized program in line with their fitness goals, but that it is thoroughly suitable to their health condition down to the T, through expert driven examinations and customized testing. Abdulrahman Hamdi goes into great depths to educate his clients on gaining a more profound understanding of their personal performance capabilities and the means in which they can reach that peak in a safe, and effective manner, though specific guided techniques and lifestyle adjustments as required.

"Abdulrahman Consultancy Services"

Abdulrahman Hamdy is a visionary sports business advisor in Qatar. His hope is to see a society with an elevated health level and with that, enabling higher productivity as a whole.

With that vision in mind, he has dedicated himself to a mission of helping as many individuals as possible experience their maximum health and wellness potential. In 2017 he expanded his vision further founding Fitness Freak, a top tier company offering the first of its kind Sports & Fitness consultancy services in Qatar.

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Atto Hamdi’s unique platform enables him and his trusted team of experts to cater to virtually everyone with an aspiration within the Health, Wellness, and Sport sectors. Whether it is reaching an ultimate fitness goal, starting up a home or corporate gym, setting up a franchise, revamping an existing fitness center, distributing the most sought-after supplements in the market, or sourcing the highest quality equipment, Fitness Freaks trusted team of sports consultants in Qatar are ready to provide individuals with all the guidance necessary from A-Z to fulfilling their vision.

Since its establishment, Fitness Freaks success has skyrocketed; expanding its presence on a local, regional, and global scale, by taking ownership of several fitness franchises and establishments through Abdulrahman’s local and international collaborations.

As a result of his continuous strive for excellence, his thorough understanding of biomechanics landed his latest collaboration is with ‘Reaxing’, bringing his clients Italy’s most luxurious fitness technology that is currently ranked No.1 across the world. At present, ‘Reaxing’ is only available in exclusive locations and has already gained the recognition from several prestigious Fitness, Hospitality, and Corporate club chains.

World- Famous Football sporting clubs, i.e., Juventus FC, AC Milan as well as several prominent pro- athletes have chosen to successfully utilize Reaxing within their physical trainings. As a top Sports advisor in Qatar, Abdulrahman Hamdy continues to be a key contributor to raising the standards most significantly within the local sports sector, setting up several high performance and fitness facilities across Qatar till date. His innovative projects continue to flourish, with emphasis on human performance data collection and several other ventures in line with Qatar’s 2030 vision.


Abdulrahman Hamdy Health and Wellness Expert

Abdulrahman Hamdi sincerely believes in giving back to the community, frequently offering complimentary business and health tips to individuals in need & investing in small to medium sized business modules proposed by young Qatari entrepreneurs. Despite the profound success of Atto Hamdy, his down to earth persona makes him extremely approachable. His mentorship is second to none, with a constant demand from individuals to meet with him, whether it be new or seasoned entrepreneurs wanting to tap into the sports sector and learn the ropes from one of the best sports consultants in Qatar.

“When I see someone with a sincere interest to improve their personal health or that of the public, sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years is my true passion - it can be life changing for the community as a whole.” Atto has regular dialogue with other health and wellness experts in Qatar, as well as top doctors and Sports Scientists across Europe and North America.

Elite Athletics Career

Atto Hamdy is one of Qatar’s greatest professional athletes. During his fourteen-year professional career, he has won countless championships and awards for the country as a decathlete. His talent and skills as a sportsman were apparent from a young age – excelling within his local Sports Club Al-Arabi and making it to the Qatar National Athletics team early on.

Excellence is something he has always strived for, which leading Abdulrahman to complete his master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Medicine. At the peak of his athletics career, Abdulrahman Hamdy faced several detrimental sporting injuries that changed his life. After essentially losing everything he had built as a professional athlete, he was determined to get back on my feet, fiercer than ever. He went on to rebuild himself and continued winning gold championships locally and internationally once again